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ARVO 2015 - Vision and Traumatic Brain Injury in Veterans and Athletes 

You are cordially invited to attend the ARVO TBI session, at which the field’s most prominent researchers will address the interface between traumatic brain injury and visual function. The functional relationship between the eye and the brain is established during the early stages of human embryonic development in all vertebrate species. Nowhere is this connectivity more evident than in the biology of human aging and the visual response to trauma. Nearly 20% of U.S. servicemen and women deployed since 2001 report incidents of traumatic brain injury (TBI). And more than 75% of all TBI patients experience short- or long-term visual disorders, including double vision, light sensitivity, difficulty reading print and other cognitive impairments. Standard eye tests can evaluate 50% of cranial nerve function and more sophisticated evaluations of visual function have the potential to be sensitive measures of TBI at the earliest stages, when the potential for intervention may be greatest. Research conducted by eye and vision scientists is uncovering important similarities between military blast TBI-related visual dysfunction and ocular pathology resulting from sports-related head injuries.

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