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ARVO/Champalimaud Award and Lecture: Strengthening eye care services across Africa: The KCCO/Seva Canada/Seva Foundation Project - ARVO 2016 

The Antonio Champalimaud Vision Award, established by the Champalimaud Foundation in 2006, honors outstanding contributions to the preservation and understanding of sight.

Vision loss remains a significant problem in sub-Saharan Africa. In the last 15 years there has been considerable work that provides eye care providers with some of the evidence necessary to inform practices, programmes, and policies. First, the presentation will cover our growing understanding of the epidemiology of vision loss and major causes as well as the major challenges faced. Second, based upon work throughout Africa (and other places) the factors that are associated with improved eye care service delivery will be reviewed. Third, new socio-entrepreneurial models and their impact will be reviewed. Fourth, the evidence for action related to human resources for eye health will be covered. The final section of the talk will cover continuing challenges and the operational research needs.

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