Mt. Vernon-Midtown Baltimore Architecture and Music


A few blocks north of the Inner Harbor and downtown hotels is Baltimore’s Midtown. Specifically, along the midline of the city is the Mt. Vernon neighborhood. Heading north of the bustling waterfront this is a more residential part of the city. The focal point of this neighborhood, Washington Monument, is surrounded by opportunities to soak in culture and beautiful landscaping. So, if you’re more inclined to enjoy taking in elegant architecture, the sounds of a classical string quartet and diverse art from around the globe this is the place to explore!

Peabody Conservatory and library Although Peabody is a music conservatory and preparatory, the institute is known as a local place to take in multiple forms of culture. Peabody.pngHaving a nationally recognized dance program as well, you are likely able to catch a midday or evening performance of some kind. If you don’t have time to listen to Stravinsky, take some time to admire the stacks. George Peabody library  contains over 300, 000 titles dating from 18th to early 20th centuries!

Washington Monument. It will be hard to miss the 178ft centerpiece of the neighborhood, Washington Monument. Designed by the first native born architect in the United States, Robert Mills (responsible for first plans of D.C.’s Washington Monument), the all marble monument has recently been restored and  celebrated it’s bicentennial. Visitors are welcome to schedule a reservation ahead of time or drop in.

Mt_Vernon_Sq_yoga.jpgMount Vernon Place Surrounding the monument are four little parks and fountains to sit and enjoy the surrounding architecture.

An die musik Set intimately in a historic townhouse, stop in for live jazz and classical concerts.

Walters Art Museum A block south of Washington Monument take in more culture at the Walters. Exhibits range from Byzantine artifacts to Renaissance and Asian art. Check out the schedule of events for daytime kid and baby friendly events! Admission is FREE!!

Nighttime Exploration
If your after-hours wandering leads you to these parts looking for entertainment, here are some options to check out.

Grand Central LGBTQ+ friendly bar, nightclub and karaoke

Baby’s on Fire Record shop and café. Not a night-time spot but still a cool place to check out.

Sangria Lounge and cocktail bar.