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Opening Keynote Session: Components, Computation, Cognition 

08-11-2016 13:57

The Allen Institute for Brain Science is a non-profit research organization dedicated to providing tools and data for the larger research community. Launched in 2003, the Allen Institute has created a suite of large-scale data efforts along with a web portal to view and analyze the data. These efforts include gene expression atlases of the developing and adult mouse brain and spinal cord, developing and adult human and non-human primate gene expression studies and connectivity atlases of the mouse brain. In 2012, the Allen Institute launched an ambitious $1 billion, 10-year program to systematically characterize the structure and function of the circuitry of the mouse visual system, along with characterization of cell types in the human brain. The presentation will cover an overview of the Allen Institute, its current projects and infrastructure, a few data highlights and a look at future directions.

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Introduction of Allan Jones, PhD
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Part 1: Introductory remarks, history of the Allen Institute
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Part 2: Components: Cell Types
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Part 3: Computation/Cognition (Observation)

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