Earn a Fellows Point for your participation in ARVOConnect


ARVOConnect is your year-round Annual Meeting networking resource, and we want to reward those champions who consistently contribute to this tool and help it fulfill its potential. These members — our top Connectors— will earn one Fellows Point per year based on their activity in ARVOConnect.


UPDATE February 2016 on Tokens program

Based on feedback from members, we have simplified the Tokens program.  We have eliminated the Bronze, Silver and Gold Connector ribbons and changed the requirements for earning a Fellows point.  See below for details.

How does it work?

  1. Earn 30 tokens on ARVO Connect in the 12-month period starting one week after each annual meeting and ending the same week the following year (ie, mid-May to mid-May)
  2. Earn tokens by contributing on ARVO Connect-  post a new discussion, reply to a discussion thread, share resources by adding them to a group library, etc.  Contributions will earn you one token each.
  3. When you earn 10 tokens, and have personalized your profile with your profile photo, you'll be added to a community of our top contributors, our Most Valuable Connectors.
  4. Stay active in ARVOConnect and add 20 MORE contributions until one week after the next annual meeting, for a total of 30 tokens or more, and you will be eligible to receive a Fellows Point that calendar year.  Members can earn up to 1 Fellows point a year this way and a lifetime maximum of 10 Fellows Points for ARVOConnect activity.
  5. The tally re-starts every May (one week after the end of the annual meeting) and will run until the one week after the next annual meeting.

 Ways to earn tokens

  1. Meaningful contributions* in discussions posts (to keep discussions relevant and substantive, please avoid simply adding the "Me too" or "Good point!" --use Reply to Sender feature for those)
  2. Updating your profile
  3. Adding a file to a library
  4. Recommending a piece of content on ARVO Connect (especially good discussion posts, etc)
  5. Building your network by adding contacts through the Directory.

*Staff may need to evaluate points for members whose contributions are not consistently meaningful in accordance with our Code Of Conduct Discussion Group Etiquette rules.




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