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Major Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research


Research papers are necessary components of higher education as it serves as a tool that not only increases but also brushes-up the stock of knowledge about different topics. Regardless of the field, every student has to complete a research paper to attain good grades. It is undeniably true that writing a research pay for essay is indeed a tiring and cumbersome task, especially if you are not familiar with the concepts of qualitative and quantitative.


Since you are on this page, then I am sure you must be assigned with another one of those dreaded research papers to write where you are not sure whether you have to write a qualitative or quantitative research paper. So you must be staring at the blank screen of your laptop or pc, and deep down thinking, “Is there someone who can write a research paper for me?” well, this happens to every one of use, but do not worry, I am here to help you.


 Below are the key differences between qualitative and quantitative research that will aid you in writing a research paper that is worth reading.


Qualitative research is a method of inquiry that facilitates developing a clear and in-depth understanding of a specific topic by essay writer. In contrast, quantitative research utilizes scientific and empirical research methods to generate numerical data. You can generate this data by employing statistical, mathematical, or even logical techniques.


Quantitative research is typically particularistic. Well, obviously, because in this type of research paper, you use factual information or information gained from numerical data collected by using different methods. On the other hand, qualitative research is holistic. Oh, wait, do not get scared from the term holistic it just simply means you have to more subjective while describing your research problem and think about the big picture rather than being objective.


Typically qualitative research paper employs deductive reasoning to synthesize data while in a quantitative research paper, the method of reasoning used is inductive. I know this information is a bit hard to comprehend write my essay, but believe me, it is not rocket science. Inductive reasoning is based on facts and evidence, while deductive reasoning is based on multiple premises and reaches a specific conclusion.


In qualitative research, you have the liberty to explore and discover ideas while you are still in the middle of the research. On the other hand, in quantitative, you are limited to explore the cause and effect relationship that occurs between different variables.


In terms of data collection methods, interviews, and observations are structured in quantitative research, while in qualitative research, you have to take in-depth interviews. This is the reason you have seen many qualitative research papers contains verbal data and data collected from observations.


Well, the information mentioned above is a bit difficult to comprehend since you need a lot of practice to master the art of writing a qualitative and quantitative research paper.


However, after reading the above-mentioned points, you must be familiar with the differences between qualitative and quantitative research, but if you are still struggling to write a research paper and not sure what approach to use then do not worry I have a solution for you. There are multiple essay writing services available that can help you.


I know you must be thinking why am I recommending a paper writing service. Well, the reason is that I am familiar with the extreme pressure that students face when they have to write a research paper to attain good grades.


In crunch time, a single ray of hope is more than enough. Many online essay writing services will provide you free samples from where you can get a rough idea on how to write a qualitative and quantitative research paper. Moreover, there are professional writers as well that can even write a research paper for you. So do not wait for a perfect time and try essay writing service.



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