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How to play Sudoku?

Sudoku - not only helps to spend time with benefit, but also develops logic and thinking. This interesting puzzle is actually very easy to solve. We will tell you how to play in more detail in this article.


Web Sudoku is a square of completely different sizes, in which numbers involuntarily stand. This square is divided into blocks and cells. Each cell can contain only one digit, and a block can contain several digits.

Remember that Sudoku has only one solution. To start the solution, you should pay attention to all the numbers in the block. The numbers are written from 1 to 9, but they should not be repeated in any of the blocks (small squares). You need to fill in each cell with such numbers.

Beginning of the game

Online Sudoku is solved mainly by deductive method. The essence of the game is to find the desired value for each square.

The solution to the puzzle begins on the left side, from the topmost square. But you can also use the lower one, it is better to navigate where there are more numbers (this will be easier), at the top or in the bottom square.

Now the numbers in each block of the big square need to be arranged so that they do not repeat.

For example, given a square of 81 cells, consisting of nine blocks.

In the first line, on the left side, each cell contains numbers: “3” and “7”, in the second: “1”, “2”, “5”. And the third line: “6”, “9”. There are two empty cells in the block. So, we can say that there are not enough numbers such as: “4”, “8”. We place the missing numbers in a convenient way and move on to the next square.
The main task for the game is to arrange the numbers from 1 to 9 so that they do not repeat.

For convenience, you can write down numbers on top that may be suitable for a particular cell.

Puzzle levels

This addicting puzzle game has several difficulty levels. Better to start with the simplest. For example, at the simplest level, only 1-3 missing digits need to be placed in the block, and 5-7 digits in more complex levels.

In addition, the game can have completely different game squares, both small and large. Also, the puzzle can contain additional conditions, for example, solving the puzzle diagonally.

The free online Sudoku game, which came to us from sunny Japan, has been a popular puzzle game that can be found everywhere for a long time. In a special application on the phone, on the computer, in the newspaper. Whole collections of this puzzle can be purchased at bookstores.

Methods for solving sudoku

There are many methods for solving the puzzle. Let's consider some of the simplest solutions. The method is called "The Last Hero".

- Consider the last, lower left square.
- Before us are only four free cells.
- Consider whether it is possible to put the number 8 in cell H
- We look at the four surrounding cells: cell G5 covers G1 and G2, so you can safely put the number 8.

The next, also very simple method, is called "No choice." To use this method, you must:

- Examine the left square from top to bottom. View all available numbers.
- We start the solution from the upper left corner. The example is the number 2.
- The number "4" in the G3 field closes the third cell of block A, and the number "4" is also forbidden to be repeated on cells A4 and A6. This means that the number must be placed in cell A2.

Sudoku is often called the magic square, and indeed, sometimes it is impossible to guess how this exciting and popular game will end.