Jan Kremers, PhD FARVO

University Hospital Erlangen

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University Hospital Erlangen


I am a biologist with a background in systems’ neurobiology, electrophysiology, ophthalmology and psychophysics. My scientific experience includes in vivo and in vitro techniques, covering different sorts of electrophysiological recordings such as single unit recordings in the retina and the brain, non-invasive and intraretinal electroretinograms, non-invasive recordings of brain potentials, in vitro preparations of the retina, oocytes etc. I have worked in different primate species, rodents, rabbits and cats. I have also employed electrophysiological and psychophysical techniques in measurements with human observers (normal observers and patients). I have employed computational techniques to build testable models and to simulate the behavior of single neurons and aggregations of neurons as well as human perception under defined circumstances. In the course of my scientific work I developed several new techniques and build new set ups for innovative scientific work. I have had experience with research in academia, non-profit research institutes, and commercial research institutions. Currently, I have a foundation-professorship in Experimental Ophthalmology that was created with external funding, that I have acquired independently. I have an honorary professorship from the University of Tübingen and am Honorary Visiting Professor Visual Neurosciences at the School of Life Sciences of the University of Bradford (UK). My strengths include the ability to be innovative and to understand structures. Therefore, I easily can understand complex data sets. Furthermore, I have the capacity to build up an efficient way to work in large organizations. As a result I am able to work in a multidisciplinary environment. Furthermore, in the past I have proven to be capable to lead a group of collaborators in a pleasant and fruitful atmosphere.