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Dr. Zheng Qin Yin is currently the Professor and Director of Southwest Eye Hospital, Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China. She is the Vice-President of Chinese Ophthalmology Society. Chair of Chinese Visual Physiology and Visual Science committee in Chinese Ophthalmology Society. Dr. Zheng Qin Yin concentrated on research majored in: 1. Basic and clinical research in retinal degeneration diseases, 2. Mechanism of plasticity in vision development, and clinical basic research of pediatric eye diseases. Her lab got international recognized achievement in neuro-blindness eye diseases, especially in retinal degeneration diseases, in which she led cell therapy study including retinal progenitor cells, bone-marrow stem cells, Olfactory ensheathing cells and etc. The clinical trial of retinal progenitor cells for RP and hESC-RPE for wetAMD stand at the leading edge in China.