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Outbreaks: The global ophthalmic threat of Ebola, Zika and other viruses 

05-03-2016 12:20

Recent outbreaks of viruses such as Ebola, Zika and West Nile have reminded the ophthalmology community that emerging systemic infectious diseases may lead to sight-threatening consequences. This session focuses on these threats, specifically emphasizing the importance of ophthalmologists and vision researchers in contributing to an understanding of disease mechanism and treatment as well as the urgent need for improved ophthalmic screening and care. Speakers will provide scientific, clinical and humanitarian perspectives and highlight current understanding of these eye diseases and the importance of strengthening vision health systems globally.

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Todd Margolis MD, PhD, FARVO   143.42 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 05-03-2016
Ecologic Changes and Human Confrontation with Emerging Infectious Diseases
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Steven Yeh, MD   158.55 MB   1 version
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Ebola and the Eye: Challenges, Discovery and the Work Ahead
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Ian Crozier, MD   326.40 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 05-03-2016
Systemic and Ocular Sequelae in Ebola Virus Disease Survivors: Individual, Scientific, and Public Health Perspectives
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Paul Farmer, MD, PhD   327.75 MB   1 version
Uploaded - 05-03-2016
Global Health Perspective on Subspecialty Care Delivery in Outbreak Settings: Beyond Ebola and Zika
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Q&A   242.65 MB   1 version
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