Kenneth Mitton, PhD

Oakland University Eye Research Institute

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Oakland University Eye Research Institute


ERI Control of Gene Expression Lab (CGEL)
Director of ERI Molecular & Cell Biology Support Module.
Research Director, Pediatric Retinal Research Lab (PRRL): Orphan pediatric retinal disease DNA sequencing, Live Ocular Imaging & ERG Services (animal).

Coordinator: Summer Undergraduate Program in Eye Research (S.U.P.E.R.)

Immediate Past President: OU chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

Current Projects:
1) Biotechnology production of a protein-based therapeutic for repair of the retina vasculature. (NEI/NIH STTR, Small Business Technology Transfer, with Retinal Solutions LLC).
2) Longitudinal effects of VEGFA isoforms on the retinal vasculature in vivo and intracellular signalling in human retinal endothelial cells. NIH/NEI.

Author/co-author of review chapters on: cataract, eye environmental and disease, epigenetics in the eye, guide to internet files (Que publishing), antioxidants & nutrition (Pharma guide). New: Ocular Epigenomics: potential sites of environmental impact in development and disease. Ch14 "Toxicology and Epigenetics" (2012)

Discoveries: 1) Hyperglycemic Osmotic Stress in cataract is really Osmotic Compensation. 2) Direct binding between DNA-binding domains: bZip and Homeobox domains. 3) 1st Genome wide map of RNA Polymerase-II binding at gene transcription start sites in photoreceptors. 4) Alternate promoter driving rod-specific Mef2c expression.