Fiona McDonnell, PhD

Duke University

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Duke University


Irish born and raised, living in America. My interests include reading fantasy series (and then re-reading them), weightlifting, hiking, playing games, playing with my cats (when they'll let me) and science. My interest in science led to my love of academic research.
I started my research career investigating epigenetics in the context of glaucoma and fibrosis with Colm O'Brien and Deborah Wallace in Ireland. After completing my PhD, I began a post doc with Dan Stamer at Duke University, focusing on the conventional outflow pathway. As part of this I have been investigating ways to increase facility through the distal regions of the conventional outflow pathway, and determining how the vessels in this pathway contribute to outflow resistance.
Most recently, I was awarded a K99/R00 grant to begin my independent research; I aim to determine the role that exosomes play in conventional outflow homeostasis, specifically in the context of extracellular matrix turnover.