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Term Paper Topics on Legal Issues

A Case of Trespassing: Wolfenberger verses Houston Power Lighting and Co.
This paper will discuss law on the subject of trespassing with an injury liability for the trespasser. By understanding the law, as can be seen by the fault of the person who has trespassed, we can assume this client is at fault. In account taken from an actual case, we can see the person who would be liable for damages if a trespassing person entered a property. By the trial of Wolfenberger verses Houston Power Lighting and Co., we can see how the client who was claiming a loss and damages for HPL by trespass, was not at fault for the actions of the prosecutor.

A Change in the Drinking Laws: An Analysis.
Choosing this undergraduate research paper topic to write an essay a writer  examines and analyzes the pros of lowering the legal drinking age in the United States from twenty-one to eighteen. The author provides statistical, practical, cultural, and psychological reasons for changing the present law.


A Comparison of the Issue of Freedom of Speech in John Milton's Areopagitica and the ACLU's Fahrenheit 451.2: Is Cyberspace Burning

John Milton, in his 17th century essay Areopagitica, is widely regarded as having written one of history's "noblest vindication of intellectual liberty ever penned" (Morison, 93) with respect to the issue of freedom of speech over printed text. Similarly, the 21st century ACLU online article "Fahrenheit 451.2: Is Cyberspace Burning?" also appears to present an argument in favour of freedom of speech. The primary difference between Milton's argument and that of the ACLU appears to be simply one of different mediums for information access. This paper will argue, however, that Milton's argument differs significantly from that of the ACLU in that Milton never actually advocates freedom of the press. Rather, as will be seen, Milton argues in favour of denying the state the possibility of placing "previous restraint" upon the publication of information. Within this context, Milton supported the possibility of the state banning books or prosecuting writers after publication. The key difference between Milton's view and that of the ACLU according to the experts from biography writing services is that the latter group advocates a much more sweeping approach to the idea of freedom of speech from all prosecution. However, with respect to the issue of "blocking" access to sites, it is clear that both the ACLU and Milton would be in agreement. As will be argued, the insertion of "blocking" technology clearly places "previous restraint" upon information.

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