Dr. Raymond Najjar, PhD

National University of Singapore

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National University of Singapore


Asst. Prof. Raymond P. Najjar is a visual neuroscientist. He received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Lyon (France), and later completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University (USA). Currently, he serves as the Deputy Director of Research and Tenure Track Assistant Professor at the Department of Ophthalmology at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Dr Najjar is also Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering (NUS), the Singapore Eye Research Institute (SERI) and Duke-NUS School of Medicine. He co-leads the Community Eye Care Programme at the Centre for Innovation & Precision Eye Health.

Dr Najjar’s research focuses on understanding how light affects human physiology and behaviour beyond vision. With his team, he is currently investigating the mechanisms and novel purposes for light-therapy in myopia, and developing novel and affordable ocular investigation strategies using pupillometry, eye tracking, and machine learning.