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April 2014
Ifat Sher-Rosenthal
Curriculum Vitae
Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Sheba Medical Center
Tel Hashomer, 52621, Israel
Phone: 054-5755201
Date of birth: Feb 7, 1972
Military service: 1990-1993, “HAMAN TALPIOT” program (8200)
Marital status: Married+2
1999-2004 Ph.D. in Biology (Average Grade: 97.5); Technion, Haifa
Research focus: Tissue-engineered human skin as a model to study the role of FGF-receptor signaling in epithelial tissue formation and homeostasis
1996-1998 M.Sc. in Biology (Average grade: 95.7); Technion, Haifa
Research focus: Structure-function analysis of FGFs and their receptors in epithelial tissues.
1993-1996 B.A. Summa Cum Laude in Biology (Average grade: 95.1); Technion, Haifa

Research Experience
2012-pres  Head of the Restorative Retinal Research Laboratory, Goldschleger Eye Research Institute, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel
Research focus: Development of novel diagnostic devices and therapies for corneal and retinal disorders. Translational research and clinical studies: from idea to results. Supervision of clinical and preclinical trials, MOH regulation.
2008-2011   Post-doctoral Research Associate Fellow, Cornell University, NY, USA
Research focus: Regulation of cell-cell adhesion, cell shape, proliferation and survival by the ERM protein member merlin (NF2) and its tumor suppression function in brain tumors.
2005-2007    Post-doctoral Fellow, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Research focus: Regulation of ovarian epithelial cancer cell adhesion, proliferation and survival by VEGFs and their receptors.

Excellence awards
2014 Israeli Society of Vision and Eye Research Travel Award for best oral presentation
2013 Bnei Brith - Shimon Rokah award for distinguished young researchers
2005 Canadian Institutes of Health Research Fellowship Award for distinguished postdoctoral fellows ($135,000; a three year award)
2003 Technion scholarship for excellence; Graduate school
2002 Katzir Student Travel Fellowship for outstanding graduate students
2002-2004 Sandor Szego Excellence in Teaching Awards
2001 Wolf Foundation Scholarship for distinguished Ph.D. students
2000 EMBO Fellowship for outstanding graduate students
1997 Wolf Foundation Scholarship for distinguished M.Sc. students
1993-1996 President of the Technion Awards for outstanding B.A. students in each year


Current Membership In Professional Societies
2012-present Israeli Society of Vision and Eye Research
2013-present Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, USA (ARVO)
2020-present ARVO ARC committee